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A garden is a relationship. I believe landscape design at its best is an intimate process that is about connecting people and place.

The first, exploratory stage requires vulnerability and trust. What was the landscape of your childhood? What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel most alive? It’s those conversations at the kitchen table that reveal your personal dynamic with landscape and how we can give that form. The more we understand you, the better we can create a space that has personal meaning for you.

The landscapes I create are highly edited, but not rigid or prescriptive. They are meant to be interacted with. It’s about giving shape to a core truth that tessellates with the person and invites them to engage and develop a relationship with place.

Establishing my career in my adopted home country of the Netherlands – in a landscape different from the one I grew up in – has taught me to question the default vernacular and value specificity.

Clear and fresh, my designs delight in elegant, inventive practicality. I combine astute, empathetic listening with the analytical clarity that comes from over 25 years of reading landscapes. My fluency in this language enables me to take charge and translate your wishes into poetic solutions – daring but beautifully obvious, grounded in purpose and meaning.